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The PVCu window has moved forward so much over the years. Gone are the bulky obtrusive frames and in replacment are our range of beautifully designed windows that not only look stunning but meet the highest standards of quality, security and performance.

We offer a style of window to complement your homes architecture. From a sleek casement window to the grandest Victorian bay window, we will create either a traditional, moderen or an individual look that you will love for years.

If you want a totally different style from that of your neighbour, then you could opt for a stunning glazing technique or a different opening system. Which ever style of window and glazing you choose you can rest assured that your new windows will not only look great but with the latest locking systems which provide you with superb security and weather protection, when installed with Argon gas filled Glazing will give your home a safe and warm feel.

Our most popular style of window is the Casement, it lends itself to virtually any home. The versatility of the system gives you a number of positions for the opening sash that would best suit your needs. But we do have our tilt and turn windows that provides dual opening. A simple twisting handle engages the side hinges and swings the window right open for full ventilation or tilt the window inwards for gentle ventilation.

We even offer PCVu vertical sliding sash windows that combine the elegance of tradional sash windows with all the benifits of modern materials giving you a sash window that  will not warp, rot or require painting. Suitable for both replacment windows in period buildings or to add character to any home.